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What is the Heart Gallery?

The Heart Gallery model was created over a decade ago as a solution to the hundreds of thousands of children languishing in foster care systems nationwide. In order to engage the public in their welfare, professional photographers, videographers, writers and adoption workers joined forces to introduce this once hidden population of children to the world. Today,a network of over 90 Heart Galleries use touring exhibits, digital displays, social media and various campaigns all to support the singular mission of finding families for our community’s waiting foster children.

One Voice

Florida is unique in that almost all regions and counties are represented by one of our 15 Heart Galleries. By banding together and speaking as one voice statewide, we can work in partnership to generate better outcomes at the legislative and state policy level for Florida’s foster children. The Florida Association of Heart Galleries aims to promote unity, advocacy and education within the organization and to the Florida public at large. Providing a broader platform to communicate the Heart Gallery message of finding forever families, the Association will provide forums for Heart Galleries to exchange best practices and expand services to the children we serve.

By the numbers…

3,300 Children that need Forever Families in Florida
15 Regional Heart Galleries in Florida
Hundreds of Volunteers, Advocates and Supporters
2 months of Legislative Session
2 Houses in Legislature
1 Governor
1 thousand reasons to join forces


We organize a variety of events to help people learn about and get involved. From talks to charity drives to community service, this is where you can find out what’s going on, and sign up!

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